At the end of 2009, SK Telecom (also) launched a wired/wireless social contribution portal called T together. Currently SK Telecom is using mobile infrastructure to provide social services. We are leading the expansion of the social safety net through mobile services such as finding missing children or senile senior citizens, launching mobile donation services, providing mobile counseling services for young adults, and introducing mobile blood donation.

Purpose of Service

With People & Toward People, SK Telecom’s Social Contribution Portal Driving Customer Engagement , T together

T together is a place of warmth where we make a more beautiful world together.
Giving love and help to those in need, that’s what SK Telecom is committed to through T together.

Sharing and Co-prosperity
T together is an engaging social contribution portal. We will work for sharing and co-prosperity with you by lighting up the darkness based on the principles of ‘openness, communication, and participation’ toward people.
Whenever and Wherever
T together is a wired/wireless social contribution service to which you can connect whenever and wherever on the Internet (wired:, wireless: to participate in the service and see details.
Diversity and Transparency
We work with several NGOs/NPOs offering various programs including contribution and clearly open what we do and how much we spend in each program.

Working with you is more meaningful. At T together, begin your wonderful journey of making miracles.