Program - T together is running a variety of ICT-based social contribution programs.


Donation Program with several NGOs/NPOs You can make donations with your leftover points and cash. Plus,
				one-time as well as regular donation can be made and every NGO/NPO will issue year-end donation receipts. Anyone can participate in this program regardless of their mobile phone service providers.

Happy Credit

Happy Credit is a new concept donation program operated by SK Telecom. When a customer purchases products from social enterprises or small and medium-sized businesses at 11st Street or SK Store, SK Telecom accumulates ‘credits’, which are donation-only points according to the customer’s payment amount. All accumulated donation-only points are donated to social contribution projects at the end of the year.


HappyHabit is a new environmental protection service app created by Happy Connect and SK Telecom. It is an eco-friendly platform project that builds a resource circulation ecosystem through supply → recovery → washing → recycling of multi-use cups using ICT solutions. If HappyHabit is used 70 times, it has the effect of planting a pine tree and creates a job for one cleaning man while washing 1,000 cups.